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How To Handle Indianapolis Doctor Appointments

This personal injury video from the Indianapolis lawyers at Blackburn and Green talks about how to Handle Doctors Appointments. Some of the key points of the video include:

-          Talks about how you should be specific in describing your pain when you first visit Dr.

-          Be honest with your Doctor, don’t exaggerate your injuries

-          Also don’t hide your pain or limitations

-          Don’t argue with your Doctor about his diagnosis or your medications

-          Ask your Doctor questions and have a good understanding ...

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Indianapolis Property Damage – Indiana Personal Injury Video

Watch the Personal Injury Video from Indianapolis Accident Attorneys Blackburn & Green. The video talks about Indiana Automobile Property Damage.


This Indianapolis personal injury video covers topics such as

* What your rights are with respect to your damaged automobile

* What is Fair Market Value?

*  What are your entitled if your car is damaged

*  If you have a loan, is that covered?

*  If car is damaged, are car repairs covered?

*  Is Car Rental covered if my ...

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What To Do After a Car Accident in Indianapolis

Have you been in an automobile accident?  The Indianapolis car accident attorneys at Blackburn and Green have over 60 years of combined legal experience, representing accident victims throughout the Midwest and can assist you with your car accident. Below is a Video from the Indianapolis personal injury lawyers on “What to do Immediately after a Motor Vehicle Collision in Indiana”.


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